Be Distinctive, Gay date preparation tips

Be Distinctive, Gay date preparation tips by which we loved and thought we’d share….

There is nothing quite as nerve-wracking, exciting and distracting than the build-up to your first date with a new guy. In this day and age it is not exactly easy to meet gay men – or anyone for that matter, so the first date with a new guy is going to get your heart pumping for sure. It doesn’t matter if you have dated a number of gay men before, if this is a first date with someone you sort of know or if it is a totally blind date, the first one always brings waves of excited and nervous emotions.

 As the big day gets closer, you will be asking yourself all sorts of questions such as ‘’what do gay men like? Will he like me? What happens if I don’t like him? Has he dated gay men before? What happens if we don’t have anything to talk about?”

 These are all very normal parts of the anticipation and those butterflies in your stomach are supposed to be there. So what do gay men like really? When you meet a gay man for the first time, there are a number of things that will stand out about him. His looks, of course, his gorgeous smile, his confidence, how he is dressed and one of the most important factors – what he smells like.

 So when you are getting ready for your big date, you are going to want to tick everything off on the grooming schedule. Make sure you have enough time before the day to book your appointments at your spa, for all of your waxing, nails, tanning – and don’t forget to have a haircut at the same time. 


And make sure you have layered your scent completely.   Distinctive is a men’s only designer label safe, eco-friendly washing powder that not only cares for your clothes, and is safe for a mixed load of designer label items, but also infusing your every garment with a seductive combination of luxurious amber and soothing sandalwood scents that are released as you wear your clothing and your body gets hot saving you the inconvenience of spraying your clothing from top to toe before you leave the house.   Softly sensual so don’t forget washing those bedsheets…and, best of all, it wont clash with your choice of favourite aftershave because its a base note!

Don’t forget to spend a little longer on the ironing, impeccable grooming takes effort, “Be Distinctive!”