Washing temperatures – Should I wash Hot or Not?

Washing temperatures and the question should I wash Hot or Not? can seem a daunting muddle.  But on the whole, in the modern age, it’s mostly a no to hot washing I’m afraid…

We all know washing hot is great for sterilising!  And on hardy fabrics, like 100% cotton, a hot wash will really do no harm.  But therein lies the problem, modern fabrics designed to need less ironing, skim the body and hang beautifully are really not designed for a harsh and rigorous wash!

Modern clothing, which feels beautiful to wear is almost certainly going to need washing at low temperatures.  And the trend in bedding is currently for more delicate fabrics and detailing like sequins and embroidery.  There is a move away from cotton to silk and polyester, cotton and viscose mixes, which are also really not suitable for a traditional, hot, 60+ degree wash.

To get the hygienic clean of a 60+ degree wash without the heat we have come up with a cool wash antibacterial antifungal product that will be available soon.  For use with washes as low as 30 degrees, it is a fully biodegradable solution, fragranced with our Sleepeazy scent and it’s not harmful to animals or children in any way.

Perfect to sanitize that stinky sports kit forgotten about for the last two weeks, or even when your child has thrown up on your best bedding or favourite teddy that really can’t be washed hot.

Beware of those bed bugs though.  They won’t be eliminated by a cool wash unless you follow with a hot steam iron, being really careful to press right to the edges of seams, (a bed bugs favorite hiding place).  If you do have 100% cotton bedding and towels then it is still a good idea to do a Hot wash once in a while.  Really though, bed bug issues in the UK are incredibly rare, families suffer far more distress from headlice these days.

We know you’ll love our superior washing formulas and laundry cleanse solution.  And thankfully that concern over Washing temperatures – Should I wash Hot or Not? will be a little less of a problem.  Please sign up here to be on our advance mailing list.

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