Like designer clothes and standing out from the crowd?

It’s true you get what you pay for which is why we all try and keep our designer clothes looking their best. Distinctive is designer label safe  – our washing powder shines when it comes to protecting your clothes. The science behind the formula means that its super effective at achieving a deep down clean, using the most gentle heat and programme settings on your washing machine. Even an item that cannot be machine washed, left to soak in a washing up bowl with a little Distinctive will clean effectively.

Our fully built enzyme, professional formula, means that its 'Distinctive' that is responsible for all the hard work cleaning, not your washing machine or hot water. You may have noticed that other eco formulas are not so great at achieving a professional wash, relying on the agitation and hot water in the machine to facilitate cleaning.

Our fully built enzyme formula is perfect at tackling stains, sweat and grime whilst protecting colour’s and delicates. Including fabrics containing elastane - i.e. technical fabrics such as sports wear.

Distinctive doesn’t include optical brightener’s, (dyes that absorb light to change the appearance of clothing) which are not only are bad for the environment and harsh on sensitive skin, but can also leave your clothes looking faded and worn prematurely. Definitely not something you want to occur with an expensive or favourite garment.

Ever wondered why that expensive T’shirt looks awful after only a few washes? or why your friends have dandruff like speckles on their t shirts under strobe lighting. Unfortunately, its likely to have been the uv reflectors in their wash formula.


You smell amazing!

Get used to it, you may hear it a lot and we hope it will bring a smile to your face. After cleaning away dirt and stale odors, the fab-fixing base (our super ingredient – Ambergris) acts like a microscopic sticky bud by fixing itself onto your clothes. It anchors the fragrance to your clothing so that the Distinctive perfumes last longer. So forget about spraying half a bottle of scent all over your clothes before you go out, now you can simply wash and go. Try it both with and without an aftershave and be safe in the knowledge that if anyone gets close you’ll smell distinctive.


Gently does it

No-one likes to be irritated – and red, scratchy skin is definitely not a good look, so we’ve made Distinctive extra gentle for sensitive skin. Tested on humans and not animals, the Distinctive formula has been put through the toughest of washing and sensitivity tests and used by professional laundries as well as Mums and Dads doing family laundry at home. We have a little gem in our formula that is particularly effective at superior rinsing making us a possible choice for sufferers of eczema and other skin conditions – with many reporting using Distinctive as the first time they were able to tolerate fragrances.



Unfortunately we haven’t quite worked out how to make do without the iron yet – you’ll still need to do that bit – but you can minimize the need for ironing by hanging clothes on the line as soon as your machine finishes.


So are you Distinctive yet? Have a look at our masculine scent multi pack deals