Best masculine detergent

Best Masculine detergent is Distinctive washing powder.

But don’t just take our word for it.

After being benchmarked as the fragrance to be beaten in laundry, by leading French fragrance house Givaudan, we think Distinctive masculine detergent is still the best scent in laundry. It is a laundry detergent that smells like an expensive cologne or aftershave and wouldnt be out of place alongside designer brands as a fragrance.

We get a lot of feedback from Distinctive customers telling us how great their laundry smells.

In one email received, A Military Captain reported that his young soldiers would forever come into his office and remark how nice the room smelt.  He recalled being amused to tell the young man that actually it was his laundry detergent that smells like cologne. The story made us laugh as we could envisage the reaction 🙂

Laundry detergent that smells like cologne

Distinctive washing powder – perfect for modern eco wash programme settings

Another customer and Italian doctor sent in a comment from his patient. who apparently said “Hey doc, what kind of aftershave do you use? It’s awesome.” His answer was “Well I don’t use aftershave I think it is my white coat!”

The Masculine fragrance resembles something more akin to a very expensive designer fragrance in a bottle. It is a laundry detergent that smells like cologne. The sort of aftershave/cologne that would set you back well over ÂŁ70 a bottle. So its perfect if you want to smell really good without necessarily wearing an aftershave all the time. The doctor in our review above, for example, has confessed it isn’t altogether appropriate to wear a strong fragrance to work in a hospital. Conducting operations and seeing patients it would be out of place to wear anything other than deodorant and clean clothes. But Distinctive gives him the ability to still smell great without being over the top.

Similarly, many men feel that applying fragrance every day is either too much like hard work or met with disapproval by their wives…who are wondering why they wear fragrance to the office on a normal day? However, if the family is using Distinctive for all their clothes then its just enough fragrance without seeming like you are scenting the room for date night.

Distinctive fragrance recipe is actually a number of pages long but we are not going to publicise all the element of our fragrance – that bit is top secret. Needless to say, it is made from the finest sourced original fragrance ingredients and oils,  It’s a discerning timeless fragrance that is loved by men and women. It’s soft and sensual and is equally at home laundering a gentleman’s shirt as the family mixed load of bedding and clothes.

Normal household detergent brands seem to be aiming for incredibly strong scents these days, with all adverts claiming powerful synthetic freshness, that lasts for weeks and they emit a chemical trail that can feel a little sharp to your nose. But no, Distinctive is not like that at all. It’s a long-lasting base layer fragrance that is definitely more like a touch of something expensive, quite soft, subtle and reassuring.

It lasts on washed and pressed clothing, but, it really is a soft scent, not a headache-inducing scent.

And there’s a matching fragrance spray to top up on fabric scent when you iron or

Distinctive masculine luxury sandalwood and amber fragrance spray

Spray whilst ironing to give fabrics a boost of our designer sandalwood masculine fragrance

for use to refresh farics and air spaces around the home.

Distinctive masculine fragrance aims to entice those around you to get up close and personal – in our opinion it really is a scent for snuggling and reassuring. Which is probably why so many single ladies and families buy it. It’s also scented enough that you really don’t need to wear a scent to work or during the day. We recommend you save putting fragrance on for a night out.

Luxury nearly always comes with a price tag.

On face value, the masculine fragrance ingredients in Distinctive’s laundry products do indeed cost more than twice the detergent ingredients and it may seem expensive. But, by not purchasing or using a separate fabric softener, means that, overall, customers are probably spending the same, as for a wash that needed detergent, stain remover and fabric softener. We are not aiming to be a cheap washing powder! The market is saturated with cheap options for laundry.

Distinctive is aiming to be…’Distinctive!’ We are giving customers a British manufactured, quality, professional laundry product with fragrance blends that are the best perfumes we can find for their laundry. We’d love to be considered like a ‘Jo Malone’ brand, but for laundry.

While providing a biodegradable laundry solution, a world that is truly environmental would be one devoid of any fragrance whatsoever, as most fragrances, including essential oils, take a long period of time to break down once back in the environment. Pure oils like lavender and lemon are just the same in that respect. That is certainly something to think about if you want your household to be completely green. No eco-labels with any fragrance whatsoever can really declare themselves so.

Not buying a separate fabric softener makes sense – as I always feel that adding a softener and coating washing with something towards the end of a wash cycle is a bit of an odd thing to do.  According to environmental lobbyists, this and other gunk we pour down the drains from hair and bath products are ruining our waterways and drains.

Did you know fabric softener and hair conditioner alone, are the biggest cause of mould residues running through household drain systems and the washing machine pipes?

At the end of the day – who doesn’t love an expensive masculine fragrance? Women men and children? For a little touch of luxury, scent can do wonders to lift mood and well being, and it’s definitely the best smelling masculine fragrance detergent, from our customer feedback. People should trust their senses more if something smells chemically strong and gives you a headache avoid it. Fill your life with scents that are enjoyable. After all its a lot easier to change the way things smell than it is to change the way we look.

Time to put it to the test – please order one of our packs and leave us your honest feedback? Use offer code tryusout for a little extra discount on a pack of each. Thank you for reading.