Campaigns – Distinctive Wash Youtube Viral

You might have seen the original campaign for our masculine detergent.  We have evolved a long way since then. The day we filmed our Distinctive Wash viral was a typical British summers day.  Bright with frequent showers.

Perhaps not the ideal weather for hanging out laundry, we nonetheless felt extremely positive about the exciting day of filming ahead.

Our secret location was, in fact, an executive weekend home, kindly donated by a particularly distinctive city finance chap.  The camera crew arrived, ran through a few film sequences and positioned their cameras all over the property before Kelly and I turned up. Having got over our concern that, as they were filming with CCTV equipment all over the house, there may be cameras in the bathrooms, Kelly our model went upstairs to change and get ready to film…

The previous night had been almost entirely sleepless for me, like the day before a job interview.  A lot was at stake and we had only signed off the final version of the script three days before, cutting it rather close to comfort for an obsessive control freak such as myself.

Kelly emerged, looking like a film star goddess, and demonstrated her professional ability to assume the role she was playing, and with that my anxiety disappeared.

The living room scene began at 12 noon with Kelly our page 3 model, as the ‘nosey cleaner’ taking it easy on the job, rummage through her employers’ belongings, including checking out the contents of his fridge.

It is when she helps herself to a drink, that things get messy as she then has to put his wash load on including her own. And so off she goes to have a good look through his wardrobe to find something to borrow while the washing machine and Distinctive detergent performs daily wash magic.  She doesn’t even have to sort the garments particularly well thanks to Distinctive’s low-temperature formula and lack of optical brighteners meaning that a slightly mixed load can be washed safely with no colour fade.

Unbeknown to the cleaner, her every move is caught by CCTV cameras, which are literally positioned all around the house.  And at the very last minute as she leaves the house she writes the owner a quick note and after smelling it, takes his shirt with her.

In our opinion, Distinctive smells so good it is entirely believable that a woman will want to steal/borrow a man’s clothes. She was about to give it back but then smelling it decides to borrow it a while.

But anyway, we’ll let you decide for yourselves how realistic “Our Caught in the act” film is…

Watch it, please share it and tell us what you think?  It's the first viral from Distinctive Wash.