Who takes an Iron on holiday?

We don’t do you?

Distinctive customers have particularly high standards when it comes to laundry and for years and years would have fallen into the category of travellers who went prepared with a small travel iron with them where-ever they went.

However, with todays modern fabrics, (crease resistant properties) many garments can be left to hang after washing and won’t need any ironing at all.  And, the fact that most hotels will have an iron, results in there not being many people that will pack the extra weight of the travel iron these days.

What’s more is we are all packing less than ever before in our efforts to avoid checking in huge suitcases into the hold and bumping our ticket prices up further.

So if you are like us and trying to pack light  – try this.

Apart from the annoying voice, the tip is pretty great isn’t it.

Perfect way to pack T’ shirts, shorts and socks, (a pair of jeans or trousers, will wrap around the bundle nicely too).  And for ladies, the method works equally well with skirts.

Why be ordinary when you can be Distinctive?

Don’t forget to take one of our minis of ‘the best designer fragranced washing formula’ too – especially good at caring for modern fabrics and we work just as well washing t’shirts or underwear left in the sink. Plus, you won’t need to spray aftershave or fragrance from top to toe to smell amazing whenever anyone gets close – many of our customers don’t even bother packig a fragrance if they wash their clothes with Distinctive.  Find our about our two fragrances and, Why not buy a pack now and have the best scented laundry.