Relaxing new fragrance from Distinctive Wash!

Blogger Katie tells all…

new Relaxing fragrance from Distinctive Wash


Before I tried Distinctive washing powder I was sceptical about how good it was going to be. It claimed to be “superior” with a “magic ingredient that fixes the fragrance for longer” and had “calming scents”, this particularly appealed to me because I often have trouble getting to sleep, but actions speak louder than words so I put it to the test…


Step 1 – washing

With bed linen at the ready I used one scoop of Distinctive’s new Relaxing fragranced washing powder and after a standard wash at 30°C the first thing I noticed was the fragrance. Rather than the ‘typical’ soapy laundry scent, the washing now had a perfume like smell perhaps even a little like a Gucci or a scent from a posh beauty store like L’Occitane. The fragrance notes consist of white floral, green stem leaf notes and violet leaves, white blossoms, patchouli, moss and musk with natural oils including bergamot, eucalyptus, jasmin and patchouli.

The washing process didn’t require the use of an extra stain removing agent or any fabric softener which Distinctivewash Louise says could be the case of my washing machine drawer being so mouldy. In that sense I saved quite a lot of money from only buying one laundry product not two or three as I would have previously.


Step 2 – drying

In my experience the initial fragrance of a washing powder can start to fade once the bedding starts to dry so I was interested to see how Sleepeazy would fair. I was pleasantly surprised. The fragrance was still strong and hadn’t lost any of its notes. The bedding smelt clean and fragrant which is how I like my bedding to smell – I was starting to like this washing powder!


Step 3 – a good night’s sleep?

Distinctive’s new fragrance is designed to promote a “Good night’s sleep”, so being the insomniac that I am I was keen to try it out, and I have to say I actually did get a good night’s sleep! I think the blend of essential oils really does help to relax and calm you. It doesn’t just make the bedding smell ‘clean’ but it is a pleasant, comfortable smell, like something to enjoy rather than smelling of the usual soapy detergent. It felt like washing my clothes and bedding had an extra purpose as well as making it all clean.


Five days on and the fragrance is still as strong as the day I washed the bedding, and I’m getting a much better night’s sleep! Distinctive’s “unique sticky bud action” that fixes the fragrance to the fabric is certainly true – I was doubtful about this before I tried, but the fragrance fills the room as your laundry is drying and smells beautiful on clothes and bedding for days.


I would definitely recommend trying Distinctive’s relaxing fragrance. as a formula it washes well and helps calm the kids and Mum and Dad too for a good night’s sleep. In sack form its reasonably priced for a family size sack of 166 washes and that includes delivery to any address UK which makes it a fantastic purchase. The beautiful imagery on the smaller packs is lovely if you are single or couple in a nice home that buys other luxuries but for me the family wash sack is brilliant value and because I don’t pay out for a stain remover or a fabric softener I think I am slightly better off .


Distinctive also cares about the environment. All their products are biodegradable, phosphate free and are designed to be used at 30-40°C with less water and heating needed for a brilliant wash. The packaging is also recycled – what more could you want?