Best smelling laundry detergent

best smelling detergent

Distinctive is without a doubt the best smelling laundry detergent on the market. Or at least that is what is said by one of the best fragrance houses in Paris. They benchmarked Distinctive as the brand to beat in laundry.

Our customers buy us first for fragrance and secondly because our products protect their clothes and fabric keeping them looking their best for longer. Distinctive is no wishy washy formula – it is a fully built biological detergent. Tough enough to remove the nasties, stale odours and sweat, whilst caring for gentle fabrics and designer garments at lower temperatures. This is a formula that does the washing, rather than relying on modern washing machines function to achieve a deep down clean.

Distinctive scents are not normally found in the laundry aisle.

So if you are keen to be unique – we might be the right brand of detergent for you.

You can choose from four designer fragrances, that are as good as top tier bottles of perfume or aftershave.

4 fragrances - Distinctive washing powder

Enjoy the Opulence of Amber with top notes of Bergamot and rose water on sparking ambergris, sandalwood and vanilla, plus a base of cedar wood and lavender, a fragrance that smells like an expensive menswear store.

Or Energising Bergamot Oranges and Lemons tinged with the crispness of a fresh green apple on soft musk overtones. The wonderful top ozonic nature to the fragrance is from the wonderful cyclamen which just makes this so Masculine fresh.

Our third is a beautiful botanical and herbal soothing fragrance. It has white floral top notes and essential oils combination including bergamot, eucalyptus, jasmine, ylang ylang, and patchouli, on a bed of moss and musk perfect for relaxation and a good nights sleep. With green stems and violet leaves white musk and moss.

The fourth newest blend conjures up a blend of crisp air, frozen rose and apple, soft spices clove and nutmeg with a warm leather on a base of amber and ceaderwood and moss. It is a scent that feels like a hug – the perfect atmosphere of being cosy in a candlelit cabin. It will be available in August.

Which is the best smelling

To this day as a family we struggle to choose which scent is best, and to prevent nose blindness we switch the section up when using the washing machine.  Our customers vote with their purchases and we still sell more of our Distinctive original masculine opulence of amber balanced with calming sandalwood – a centuries old fragrance combination that was used for its seductive properties in times of old by wealthy aristocrats.

What memories do our scents evoke for you?

We would welcome collaboration with other top tier scent brands – please do get in touch.