The Buyer “Company or person who agrees to buy Goods from the Seller”

The Seller “Distinctive is the trading name of Distinctive Wash Ltd a registered company in the UK operating under English Law”.

Registration Number 7752680 Incorporated on 25th August 2011.


By accessing or purchasing from Distinctive Wash Ltd website you are deemed to accept these terms and conditions. We aim to provide all our customers with outstanding Distinctive fragrances, laundry care and customer service.

If you have received an order you are not entirely satisfied with, or you change your mind, please contact us straight away. We’ll do everything we can to put things right for our customers.

If you change your mind and want to return your purchase, we can only accept the return of fully sealed and unopened packs. This is down to the responsibility we have to protect our courier network from spillages whilst in transit and also to prevent the likelihood of receiving tampered product. If you have reason to believe your product is faulty in any way though please do talk to us.

Your order note contains full return information. Our freephone number in case you need further assistance is 0800 298 2054. Alternatively please view  Distinctive Delivery.

No contract for the sale of Goods shall arise until Distinctive as the seller, dispatches goods to the Buyer. Nothing in these conditions shall affect the statutory rights of any consumer more than the law permits.

Online resolution platform – although we don”t think you will ever need it we are required by law to provide this information

Anyone who purchases goods or services via  contract by electronic means, is entitled to use an EU online dispute resolution service to assist with any contractual dispute. This service can be found here Online Dispute Resolution Platform 


The Price shall be that on the sellers current Price List in £.

For UK customers all advertised prices are at UK standard rates. EU customers will also expect to pay a small additional charge for delivery as washing powder is a weighty product.

If you are a Trade customer please contact us directly

Payment must be made in full before the delivery of goods.


This product is entirely safe. We know you won’t have any problems with washing at 30/40 degrees and it is not going to harm your clothes or you in any way. Please follow instructions and ask for help if you are at all unsure.  We have many customers that wash delicates and some dry clean items with Distinctive but we can not actively suggest you wash a dry clean item this way, as the risk of damage if you set the spin or temperature wrong is too high. We have a free phone number on the pack 0800 298 2054 should you wish to call us for laundry help/advice, or you can email us at


We have full product Safety Data Sheet on the website for health professionals should the disastrous occur and a child ingest some of our product. It is non toxic to handle and you are only advised to wear protective clothing and eyewear handling bulk quantities in packing situations. If you are hand washing with Distinctive it is unnecessary to swish or scrub the clothing so you will not need to have your hands in contact with the soapy water for periods of time. Thankfully hospital incidences with loose powder, children and the elderly, are incredibly rare in comparison to liquids and tabs. As with any accident, seek medical attention immediately and refer your medical practitioner to our Safety Data sheet.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you would like to make any suggestions regarding our safety/data protection. We take your views very seriously and hope to constantly improve.

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