Men’s Guide to Dressing Well in 2018

Dressing Well

New season, new decisions and hopefully they’re good ones. Each new year presents us with a clean slate, an opportunity to be even better than we were last year or the one before that. Among many items on your ‘2018 list’ dedicated to self-improvement, dressing well should definitely be somewhere, if not at the very top of the list. The way you’re put together and present yourself speaks volumes about who you are as a person, so never view clothes as something superficial. They are the picture that says a thousand words, so if you play your cards right you’ll leave an amazing first impression before you’ve even had a chance to speak. To that end, we have created a more than helpful guide that will hopefully enable you to put your best look forward, so with a new year’s drum roll, here we go.

Take care

Now, the final tip, perhaps the most important one of them all – once you’ve invested in great pieces, you want to take good care of them so they continue to look like they just came from the shop even after months and months of continuous use. Always read the label and remember how every item you own should be washed. Use only the best washing powder, know which fabrics require hand wash, which can be tossed in the washer and which need to be dry-cleaned. You don’t want to invest in amazing pieces and ruin them after only a month or so. If you’re not familiar with laundry and fabric care always read your labels.


Want a new Distinctive you? Self-Improvement starts easily by taking a look at your clothes and investing in some new pieces

January is not only about New starts its a great time to look at new fashion styles and invest in new Distinctive piece of clothing that will see you through the whole year. Dressing well makes you feel good too.


Broaden your horizons

New Year is a time for broadening horizons and dressing well

Step out in style by picking up some new Menswear items. New Year new you – its time for self-improvement and dressing well..

By now, you probably know your way around selecting a great pair of jeans, whether they’re regular or slim fit.

However, the world doesn’t revolve around jeans, and there are so many great trousers out there that you simply must try. Not only will these elevate your wardrobe, but will make you look incredibly sleek and sharp, and every man can use some of that. From sharp-looking wool trousers and twill chinos to reinvented cuts using corduroy, there is an entire universe of trousers that are highly stylish, not to mention versatile that will make you reconsider that closet full of jeans. Have a look at all popular retailers whilst the January sales are still on. We found these chinos at Hawes and Curtis and with both skinny and regular fit and variable lengths and great prices in the January sales it’s a great time to start dressing well and inspire a start for self-improvement.


Bright coloured chinos in 2018

A great time to stock up on trousers. Look at bold colours for a way to brighten up your look.

These trousers can be dressed up and down to suit any occasion – which makes them a style chameleon totally worth the investment.


Keep ‘em coming

In the age of athleisure, a trend turned lifestyle that has no intention of slowing down, one can’t simply stop at one pair of sneakers. If you’re not the kind of guy whose uniform consists of sweats and hoodies, but you do want to inject a touch of casualness to your style, Nike sneakers are the way to go. The best thing about these sneakers is that they are so adjustable; you can pull off wearing them with trousers and sharp blazers, and then just change into a pair of grey sweat and a white tee and you still look great.


The heart of the operation

Plain t’shirts, navy black and white, a jumper or two its a great time to take advantage of January sales deals to cover the fashion basics


You simply can’t even begin to build a great wardrobe without quality basics. Designate one day, no matter how tedious you find shopping, to scout great basic pieces. These include T-shirts in all the neutral colors – grey, black, white, navy – you know the drill. Make sure to stock up on a couple of high-quality sweaters, as these will come in handy during both spring, autumn and winter. There is no better layering tool than a great sweater. Cardigans have also made a huge comeback, and to wear them in the most ‘on trend’ way, make sure you roll up the sleeves for a touch of swag. While we’re on the subject of basics, you simply must own a great leather jacket – this is a timeless piece that will work hard for you season after season, and there is virtually no outfit it doesn’t work well with.


Peter is a lifestyle writer at Men-Ual and MAM magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.