Do you know your washing symbols?

When it comes to washing our clothes, most of us do not have a clue what the little symbols actually mean—so we thought we’d give you a little heads up.  

With Distinctive you will only ever have to wash at 30/40 degrees but you might still want to glance at labels occasionally as the spin speed could still damage your fabric.

Washing symbols

Do not bleach your clothes (just add a scoop of something like Vanish or Glo white if you want an all white load whiter).

Two lines means you are washing a wool product and as well as low temperatures ideally needs hand wash/wool cycle. Especially important to make sure the spin speed is really low on this one as you will be at risk of fluffing up all those fibres and leaving bobbling on your gorgeous cashmere.  

When you see hands, it means hand wash only – most modern machines have a delicate programme and of course Distinctive is a delicate powder so just make sure your setting is right and above all these fabrics don’t want a harsh spin.  Hand wring out carefully at the end if this is a special garment.  

This symbol means you should not, under any circumstance, dry clean your clothes.

You will never need to wash this hot with Distinctive.  In fact really high temperatures would have a negative effect on the efficiency of the protease enzyme so  it would just be the hot water washing your fabric rather than our clever ingredients dissolving the grime.  Use your highest setting for cotton products.

Drying symbols

When you see this symbol you know it is safe to use the dryer.

You should avoid putting your clothes in the dryer when you see this symbol.

Dry your clothes flat when you see this symbol.

Ironing symbols

Do not iron your clothes, no matter how tempting it is!

Use your iron at a low temperature.

Use your iron at a medium temperature.

Last but not least, use your iron at a high temperature.

Well that’s it for now, we hope this helps explain the mysteries surrounding these puzzling little symbols on your clothes. If at any time you are stuck with a symbol, refer back to here and you’ll be fine.  Or even better tweet or face book us with any laundry queries.  Your dirty laundry is our little secret – almost! 🙂