Why Use a High Quality Handmade Soap that is Chemical Free?

High Quality Handmade Soap that is Chemical Free, MI-Free

There are good reasons to switch to a high quality handmade soap, not only for the wellbeing of your skin and care for your body, but also on an environmental level. We look at the key factors of why switching to a luxury handmade soap

In fact, the majority of liquid soaps contain an ingredient called Methylisothiazolinone, also known as the easier pronounceable MIT. Products that don’t contain this are normally referred to as MI-free This is not just limited to soap products, but also found in shampoos, shower gels, liquid detergents and much more. Not only is Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) harmful to the skin, it has been banned from use in cosmetics in the UK and other major countries such as the USA, due to its detrimental effects, so why would someone want to use it in other products that come in direct and indirect contact (such as detergents.) with the skin. MIT can cause irritation and in severe cases, chemical burns. Of course with the use of MIT in soap products, once used this is rinsed and washed down your drain and into our environment. Governments are aware of this and yet still, we find this damaging chemical (which has been likened to washing your hands in bleach!) still found in everyday detergents and soap products from washing up liquids to shower gels.

Reducing Plastic Waste by Switching to Handmade Soap.

Handmade luxury soap
Natural Bar soap fragranced with essential oils

One of the key factors for opting for a luxury high quality handmade soap, apart from the fact it is kinder and healthier for your skin, is the fact of the plastic that is involved in the packaging, liquid soaps are contained in plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes, as highlighted first on Blue Planet as well as featuring prominently in the news, reducing our plastic use is a key way of protecting our planet from pollution for future generations. It should also be noted that EVERY liquid soap, contains preservatives, these stop them from congealing and give a longer shelf life for the product, (but most certainly not the planet!). This is why in recent years that the soap bar is making a comeback, in fact the sale of soap bars have increased by 3% in 2018 and as we continue to focus on the environmental impact our lives have, will continue to do so.

Why Choose Distinctive Wash High Quality Handmade Soaps.

Distinctive Wash understand the need to protect the environment without compromising on quality and that is why they have launched their luxury handmade soap range. Each bar contains a relaxing blend of green stems, essential oils, white blossom, moss and musk. It is also palm oil free, and we don’t use plastic packaging. So if you want to help the environment, be kinder to your skin, kinder to the planet and still use the highest quality soaps, then Distinctive Wash high quality handmade soaps are the answer.