How to Create A Functional and Stylish Laundry Room

Laundry is simply a part of life. While this chore might not be your favourite part of your week, it’s essential. So a carefully laid out laundry room, (no matter the size) can make washing, drying, and folding a simpler task. Plus a well-designed laundry room allows you to complete these tasks more efficiently–all in a space that you love being in.

Follow these tips to re-design your laundry room into a functional space that showcases your design style.

Build around the essentials

Whether you’re starting from scratch or redesigning an existing laundry room, your design begins around those must-have items in the space. Your washing machine will be the focal point of the room. If the hot and cold water feeds and drain position is already in place, the layout of your room is at least started for you. 

Shopping for new appliances?

It is a great chance to consider energy-efficient options that will help save costs over the long run. Appliances come on leaps and bounds in five years so keep an eye out for offers on premium models. It is worthwhile having a good think about whether you want an integrated, (hidden behind a door) appliance, or a free standing machine.

Plus you’ll need to think about the size of the machine you need too, these days domestic front load machines can be suitable from 5kg up to 12kg dry weight loads. The 12kg models come in really handy if you have double or king duvets to wash, or want to wash curtains at home.


Once you have your washer in place, consider other essential pieces in this space. A sink is a convenient addition to a laundry room, providing a spot for pre-washing or leaving hand wash/delicate washing items to soak clean. Finally, with your appliances and sink in place, consider where you want to store your cleaning supplies.

Distinctive makes doing laundering efficient with just the one product but you might have a favourite whitener or additional wool wash product to store, plus the usual polish and spray surface cleaner, some bleach and perhaps a carpet cleaning spray for anyone with pets at home.

Create functional workspaces

With the essential elements of your laundry room in place, you now want to focus on designing a workspace that makes washing, drying, and folding easier. To begin your redesign, consider dividing your space into separate workspaces for separate tasks. While your laundry room should be designed around your unique needs, these potential workspaces can serve as inspiration as you create a customised laundry room.

  • Hanging and drying space – Keep delicate items in good condition by hanging them to dry. This task is easier to do if you have a designated area for clothes drying. A wall-mounted drying rack is a space-saving feature that ensures you always have a spot to hang clothes to dry. Consider a retractable drying rack that you can pull out when you need it and push it flush against the wall when you don’t. We use one and its’ great. A load can be hung out on the evening and quickly put away at breakfast time.

  • Ironing station – Ironing is easier if your ironing board is accessible. You might not want to leave an ironing board set up all of the time, you can keep it within reach by mounting it to an open wall. If your laundry room is small, consider a magnetic ironing pad that attaches to the top of your washing machine for space-saving, board-free ironing. Personally, I like to iron in front of the tv, but it is great to keep the iron in the laundry room.
  • Baskets – where will you keep your basket of wet washing prior to hanging and again after it is dried if you can’t iron straight away?

  • Folding area – A countertop or large table can serve as a convenient spot to fold your freshly laundered clothes. If you’re renovating your laundry room, invest in a counter and cabinets for storage and folding space.

  • Sorting area – Reserve space for sorting your clothes before washing them. Invest in a multi-basket laundry basket, which gives you spaces for colours, whites, delicates, and hand-wash-only items, these baskets will save you time with laundry.

Design with organization in mind

Storage is an essential element of any well-designed laundry room. As you create your new space, focus on using a variety of organizational features to clear out clutter, and make laundry easier.

  • Laundry bins – Laundry bins make sorting your laundry simple. Rather than tackling the sorting when it’s time to run a load, place dirty laundry into designated bins when you bring it to the laundry room. Bins for whites, colours, and delicate clothes ensure that everything is laundered properly.
  • Laundry baskets – Laundry baskets are another must-have in your new space. They serve multiple functions when you’re doing laundry. Use them to sort clothes, if you don’t have a multicompartment laundry bin. Fill your baskets with freshly dried clothes in preparation for folding. You can also use the baskets to transport folded clothes to bedrooms and closets.
  • Open shelving – When it comes to laundry room organization, the more shelves, the better. Consider mounting shelves above the washer and dryer, if you have room, or on an open wall. Use these shelves to store cleaning products, detergents, dryer sheets, and other commonly used items.
  • Cabinets and drawers – Cabinets and drawers maximize laundry room organization. Concealed storage serves as a convenient spot to keep sewing accessories, irons, cleaners, and other products and tools stored but accessible. Consider adding plastic bins to the drawers and cabinets to keep items organized.

Go green 

Create an eco-friendly laundry room by choosing an energy-efficient washing machine and dryer that deliver significant savings over the long run. Follow these tips if you’re your updated laundry room an environmentally friendly space.

Do laundry thoughtfully – While it might be tempting to run a load just to wash a few pieces, doing so can waste water and energy. Instead, run full loads to reduce your home’s water and energy consumption.

If you need a dryer – only use when necessary. Hanging your clothes to dry requires less energy, and keeps them looking better longer. It keeps Distinctive scent in place in fabric for longer too.

Wash with cooler water – Cut your energy usage in half by washing clothes at 30/40 degrees.

If you like power detergent consider our Bulk supplies of detergent in a Kraft paper sack with a Glass Kilner Jar. It’s not only an eco formula but delivered in a waste free bulk pack solution too. The inner liner works perfectly in the waste bin afterwards and the kraft paper can be used to collect vegetable or even garden waste. Whatever type of detergent you want to use definitely look for ecological, there are a variety of products available and the waste water containing the surfactants and dirt can go safely back to the waterways.

Add decorative touches

With your appliances and storage in place, you can now focus on the decorative elements of your laundry room. Consider the following factors as you create a space that speaks to your personal style.

  • Design style – Envision your updated laundry room, focusing on your preferred design style. You can create a farmhouse-inspired space by choosing neutral tones, rustic elements, and plenty of greenery. Or, create a contemporary space filled with clean lines, sleek metallic finishes, and simple decor. Go bold and create a vibrant space filled with colour and pattern to showcase your personality. Look for inspiration photos on the Internet or in magazines, and let these photos guide your design decisions.
  • Colour – Wall colour is the first decorative element that can define your style. Consider the size of the space when choosing a wall colour. If your laundry room is small and cozy, a lighter colour can help make it feel larger. Consider adding intrigue to the walls by painting an accent wall a complementary colour or pattern or even wallpapering a wall to serve as a focal point in your space.
  • Vinyl and wall frames – Fill empty walls with vinyl and wall frames that enhance your space. Your options are limitless when choosing what to showcase in a frame. Laundry-inspired phrases, personal photos, abstract art, or images of your favourite landscapes can adorn your walls. Consider your wall colour and colour scheme when choosing art.
  • Plants – Fill open shelving or the corner of your counter with plants, real or faux, to add a touch of greenery to your space. Potted plants transcend design styles, incorporating effortlessly into any laundry room design.
  • Lighting – Replace builder-grade overhead lighting with a more stylish fixture. Flush-mount lighting is probably the most functional fixture in a laundry room, but it doesn’t have to be dull.
  • Curtains – If you do have a window in your space, add a finishing touch with curtains or blinds.

Create a space just for you 

While your laundry room is certainly focused on function, that doesn’t mean it must be devoid of a space for you, too. After all, laundry day won’t be so bad if you can relax in your space while you wait for your clothes to dry. Decorative accents will carry your home’s unique style into this space, infusing your personality into the room.

We’d love to see your laundry/utility rooms from around the world send us pictures to any of our social medial channels. Look for Distinctivewash or #beDistinctive – we will reward you with 50% off one of our fabric and room fragrance sprays for a brilliant finishing touch to laundry.

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