Distinctive elegance

Less is more when it comes to an elegant home

Most of us have too many ornaments and accessories, bottles in the bathroom, and a gluttony of laundry products in the utility. De-cluttering and cutting right back on visible items, makes a huge difference to the overall feeling in your home?

Give it a try and sweep round the bathroom first, so that there is only one soap, one shampoo, and one conditioner visible. Nothing says luxury more than clean white spaces and clear surfaces.

Get rid of nick knacks, remove un-necessary towels, relegate cleaning cloths and grotty loo brushes to a cupboard.

You can clean the whole house, using 1 cream cleaner for ceramics, a window spray to polish the mirrors and a general polish or surface cleaner for all the surfaces (reserving the bottle of bleach for just a splash round and wiping over hinges and surfaces of the toilet seat or cleaning over the sinks. If you want to be posh then a toilet disc popped in the cistern to keep the water and toilet bowl super clean. That is only 3 bottles of product to store somewhere and you could store them in the kitchen or utility if need be.  If used correctly the three bottles should last a few months.

The end result looks amazing.

Distinctive Elegance

Less is more when it comes to an elegant home

Now to Laundry

Gather up all the cleaning cloths and leave somewhere safe until there are enough for a hot wash! Never be tempted to wash cleaning cloths with your regular laundry as you’ll not only run the risk of garnering bleach spots on your clothing, but the transference of cleaning product smell is not the best fragrance for your clothes.

With any cleaning task it is useful to keep in mind that the laws of transference apply, dirt has to go from one place to another! So when ready, wash at 60 or 95 degrees. This is perfect for cleaning cloths and dish cloths!

An aside note, remember the law of transference for clothing too, so don’t wash muddy items, or the dogs blankets with other cleaner clothes. And clean out the inside of the machine and the drain hose after washing particularly dirty items.

It’s just common sense when you think about it and double dosing your detergent just won’t make things cleaner. Less is more for laundry too. Distinctive’s formula is an all in one solution that not only removes the tough stuff at low temperatures, but imparts really unique fragrances to the fabric. Want more information? Then please have a read here

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