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The Opulence of Amber balanced with calming Sandalwood

A seductive fragrance based on a centuries old recipe. Enjoy a golden soft sensual fragrance with top notes of Bergamot and rose water on a sparkling amber vanilla and sandalwood mid notes plus a base of cedarwood and lavender oils. The deep woody notes of this fragrance are a delight to both men and women. Sunshine and warmth on the fabric, or in your home serves to bring out even more from this wonderful complex fragrance. 

Top notes of Bergamot, rose water
Middle notes Rose petal, lavender, cashmere
Bottom notes Amber, vanilla, woody
Essential oils including Sandalwood, Cedarwood oil, lavender oil

Relax with Essential oils, Green stems and Violet leaves, white blossom, Moss and Musk

A soothing herbal calming fragrance perfect for a good nights sleep. this fragrance was endorsed by the British sleep council and is superb experienced with your freshly washed and ironed bedding. We use natural essential oils including bergamot, eucalyptus which is perfect at opening up airways, jasmine, ylang ylang and patchouli. Enjoy a touch of calm breathe deeply and relax.

Relax with Green Stems and Violet leaves, White Blossom
Top: Bergamot, herbal,
Middle: Jasmine, eucalyptus
Bottom: Amberwood, soft musk
E/O: Eucalyptus oil,

Energising Bergamot, Fresh Citrus and Crisp Green Apples

A fabulous masculine zesty fragrance perfectly in keeping with stepping off a boat on the Italian riviera. You can feel the freshness of the Bergamot and Oranges and Lemons tinged with the crispness of a fresh green apple on soft musk overtones and the wonderful top ozonic nature of this fragrance thanks to the beautiful Cyclamen which just adds to make this fragrance so special. Pop your fresh clean clothes on after a workout or hot shower and you'll know what we mean.

Top notes of Lemon, bergamot, apple
Middle notes Jasmine, eucalyptus
Bottom notes Soft musk, woody
Essential oils including Bergamot, Lemon oil, eucalyptus oil,

Candlelit Cabin Crisp Air, Frozen Roze and Apple, Clove Nutmeg and leather

Let us whisk you away to your very own comforting candlelit cabin in the middle of a deep dark wintery wood. Top notes of crisp air and frozen rose, apple and soft spices including clove and nutmeg with warm leather on a base of amber, cedar wood and moss. All thats needed is a glass in hand and a good book.

Top notes of Crisp Air / Frozen Rose / Apple
Middle notes of Clove / Nutmeg / Magnolia / Leather
Bottom notes of Amber / Cedarwood / Moss
Essential oils including Cedarwood oil, Geranium oil, Nutmeg oil

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