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How To Have Less Laundry Chores and Better Smelling Clothing (Green Initiatives)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had less laundry chores and your clothing stayed smelling fresher for longer?

Today, everybody is looking for clever ways to save time, money, and go green.

Laundry might not be the obvious place where you can achieve big savings, let’s look at how people are achieving this every day with their laundry. Most brands now have products designed to keep clothes smelling amazing for longer, so your first step is to eliminate the hassle of having to do laundry every week.

With laundry that lasts longer and has a pleasant, lasting scent, you can stay fresher and feel more confident, knowing your clothes will look good throughout the week. Not only will you save time and money on laundry runs, but you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint by using less energy to wash and dry your clothes. Plus, your clothing will get less wear and tear and you’ll be giving yourself more time, to do things that matter whilst going green.

Dirty laundry baskets In today’s modern culture we wash our clothes far too frequently,

If like me you have been letting your children put their clothes into the laundry bin, when they have only been worn once. This is an opportunity to re-educate them, saving on washing loads.

Investing time in taking good care of your laundry, ensures that your wardrobe remains timeless and relevant to today’s ever-changing fashions. Caring for the things you own makes them last longer, so you can create looks that will never go out of style.  This is also in-keeping with the sustainable fashion trend, where consumers are being encouraged to invest in high-quality, durable and timeless clothing items.  They then care for their clothing properly, by washing them in an environmentally friendly manner, and repairing, or re-purposing when garments show signs of wear.

This makes a huge difference to sustainability and going green, as fashion is one of the largest polluters globally!

If you want to keep your garments looking and smelling their best, here are some more simple tips.

  • First, use the right temperature setting when washing. Hot water is necessary for removing stubborn stains, but too much heat will cause colours to fade and shrink fabrics. So if you’re washing bright colours or delicate items, opt for a cold or warm cycle instead.
  • Second, turn clothing inside out. Doing so will help protect exposed fabrics from harsh detergent particles, which could otherwise cause fading or more damage. You can also use a mesh bag if you opt to wash delicate items like tights in with the normal dark load it will save you from a tangled mess and help keep those delicates snag free.
  • Thirdly, always close anything that has velcro, as it too is a nightmare for attracting and snagging other loose garments in the wash.
  • Finally double check the label. You might think you know what the fabric is made of and which wash programme is best, but it’s always wise to make sure.
Washing label for a typical cotton bedsheet

Most cotton bedding needs to be washed at 40 these days.

Follow these simple tips, and your clothes will be sure to stay fresh and vibrant for years to come.

It really pays to take the time and effort necessary with laundry.

Little changes to how you launder fabrics, can go a long way towards helping to protect and maintain garments. From being mindful of water temperatures, to air drying, plus utilising modern laundering technologies. So, when it comes to keeping clothes fresh and lasting longer, don’t forget about the power of proper laundering care. Air drying is most definitely greener and also more gentle for fabric too.

Plus, if you halve your laundry loads each week, just think about all that extra time you will be gaining from less washing, drying, folding and ironing.

It might even make way for a new hobby or just simple downtime with Netflix.

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