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Have you got Moths in your wardrobe?

It’s a nice distraction, under current virus conditions, to think of more trivial day to day laundry probs and apart from everyone’s mounting laundry baskets, the biggest laundry woe at the moment, (more often in the city than the country) is Moth activity.

So if you are contemplating a few weeks of self isolating this could be a clearing and sorting activity to keep you busy.

Spring sees insect life re-emerge, and the dark corner in your wardrobe could well be the spot they’ve been hiding in all winter.

Did you know information about Moths and holes in clothes or carpets is one of London’s most googled queries during normal Spring seasons each year?

If you have ever noticed little holes in a cashmere/wool jumper or cotton and silk item, it could be moth activity. Don’t blame your washing detergent or your machine as you need to investigate your wardrobe.

Spotted a little worm/caterpillar like insect in the bedroom dangling by a thread (less than a centimetre long and quite fine) or on your clothing or carpet?


They are ever so small which is why its so important to

Clean and clear your wardrobe out.

It’s the classic Spring Clean.

And then sort clothes you can pass on and others that need a wash and iron before you store any away, carefully, that are not in use! Ta daaa

Washing, ironing and hoovering is also the healthiest way of making sure you never have a bedbug or mite issue at home too.


Several reasons for this.

  1. It is necessary to clean and clear your wardrobe out at least once a year and spring is a great time for checking whether things still fit
  2. If you remove moths from clothes areas and launder and iron, or even freeze clothing in bags, to eliminate any larva, you are also not adding chemicals you don’t want to inhale to your bedroom.
  3. Plus, simple hoovering, wiping and ironing will do the trick of keeping on top of things, and catch any other nasties like bed bugs that may be lurking before they become a problem too..
  4. Bed Bugs are currently a huge issue in Paris and London particularly in the hotel scene, because they’ve become resistant to chemicals! We got rid of them by the 1940’s by hoovering and ironing!

Whether you have seen evidence of moths or not just give your wardrobe a spring clear out, by emptying everything out onto your bed. Thoroughly hoover the inside of the wardrobe then wipe surfaces. Scent is good at dissuading insects from taking up residence, and you can use an essential oil such as mint or eucalyptus, or even our fragrance sprays to give your closets a quick spritz before you put the garments back.

Once clothing you want to keep out is dry, clean and ironed, you might want to re organise your heaviest winter clothes to be packed back into the loft.

Whilst everything is out of the wardrobe. It is a great chance to check shoes and other accessories for any that need a polish, mend or resole too.

Clothes Moth and fabric damage from the larva which are around 5-10mm worm like caterpillars

Don’t forget to give your carpets or wool rugs a quick look over. If you are regularly hoovering there won’t be a problem. It is that simple. 

And for bed bug infestations too…

Hotels – stop using chemicals to treat bed bugs..Get Hoovering!